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Student Credit Union

All students can learn to manage their money: A student-run credit union is a place at school where all Hillside students can make transactions on their personal savings accounts. Savings accounts may be used at Hillside and at any Community Financial branch during regular business hours. All students at Hillside are encouraged to participate by making transactions to their savings account at the student-run credit union.
Students learn hands on career skills: Students who volunteer to work at the credit union learn practical career and leadership skills. The students in Ms. Eyler's class will have the opportunity to volunteer at the student-run credit union under the direction of Community Financial staff.
Credit Union Sessions: Are held just outside of the cafeteria during all three lunch periods approximately every other week. Dates are listed on the Hillside calendar.
Northville Public Schools continues a long educational partnership with Community Financial that started in 1990. Community Financial facilitates student-run credit unions and financial education at Amerman, Moraine, Winchester, Thornton Creek, Northville High School and Hillside Middle School.
The goal of the partnership is to help students and their families learn to manage their money before they enter adulthood.
For more information or to open an account, please call (734) 453-1200, or go to