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Medical Forms

Permission to Medicate

Student Medications

All students who have medications that need to be administered during school hours must have the "Permission to Medicate" form on file with the office (see link below). The medication itself will also be kept in the office and must be in the original container with the student's name on it. This includes over the counter medication. The form must be signed by a physician in order for the medication to be administered to your student. With the exception of Epipens and inhalers, students SHOULD NOT carry medication with them while at school. In the case of emergency treatments that result in your student (even temporarily) needing to take medications at school, parents/guardians should still fill out the "Permission to Medicate" form and turn it into the office with a physician's note. Both will be kept on file.

Students with Asthma

Students with asthma should provide the office with an "Asthma Management Plan" form (see link below) in addition to a "Permission to Medicate" form for any inhalers or other medications. Note that the "Asthma Management Plan" form also requires a physician's signature.