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Parent and Student Support System (PASSS)

Hillside's PASSS (Parent and Student Support System) is able to give students the opportunity to participate in several activities during lunch recess. Students can go out to the Plateau, or into the gym when colder weather sets in. Students can also go to the library to study or use a computer. In order for us to offer these opportunities, we need parent volunteers to supervise areas throughout the school to keep our kids safe!

We need as many parents as we can get each day. Please sign up for any dates that you are available. If a date is filled up, come on in anyway! We will find a spot for you!

Please remember that you need to complete an iChat form with a copy of your drivers license to Central Office before you can volunteer at any Northville Public School!

If you have any questions, please contact the Hillside Main Office at 248-344-3600.

Parent Volunteer Instructions

The school map is posted in the PASSS office with highlighted numbered areas.  Those are the PASSS stations.  Below is a description for those areas.

“X”         PASSS room

                This is where we will meet every day to organize, sign up for posts, and get everything you need (games, supplies, etc.) and store your coats.  At the end, please return everything you took to the PASSS room.

 PASSS Schedule:

  • 10:30-10:40 sign up for your posts 
  • 10:40-10:45 go to assigned areas 
  • 10:47-12:24 lunches for 6th – 8th grade


Lunch Schedule:

 6th grade 10:50-11:32

  • 11:22 whistle for football/soccer field
  • 11:24 release from field
  • 11:25 release from gym, forum, courtyard, games, and computers


7th grade 11:18-11:59

  • 11:48 whistle for football/soccer field
  • 11:50 release from field
  • 11:55 release from gym, forum, courtyard, games, and computers


  • 8th grade 11:40-12:24
  • 12:14 whistle for football/soccer field
  • 12:16 release from field
  • 12:20 release from gym, forum, courtyard, games, and computers

The Principal and Assistant Principals will share responsibility in the cafeteria.  Mrs. Cindy Atkinson is either in the gym (inside day) or out on the field (outside day)

 There are two bathroom areas available for students during lunch –by the cafeteria and by the auditorium.  There are drinking fountains near the auditorium.




                Cafeteria Entrance (all days):    This is traffic and food patrol.  Keep an eye on the cafeteria entrance, bathroom area, and visible halls.  6th graders must stay in the cafeteria until 11:05 (7th and 8th graders have no restrictions).  No food, drink, or candy leaves the cafeteria.  It must be consumed, stored or thrown out.  (Exception: students meeting with teachers for lunch groups; you will know them – they are walking out with an entire tray of uneaten food).  Do not let students hang out around in the open areas by the bathrooms.  They must move on to a choice that is open that day.  Monitor the noise coming from the bathrooms.  Students must head down the main hall towards the gym or outside.  Students may turn left at the cafeteria to go to any of the following (if these places are open that day):  the courtyard or media center.  No student is allowed to go see a teacher directly unless they have a written pass.  If no pass, send students to the recess areas.  Without a pass, they cannot see a teacher.


                Games Area in the cafeteria (all days):   TAKE GAMES BINDER AND CONTAINER WITH FOOSBALLS, AIR HOCKEY PIECES, ETC. FROM THE PASSS ROOM.  This person will keep control of the games area in the cafeteria (foosball, air hockey).  Put the sign up notebook on the table closest to games area.  Students must sign up for a spot at a games table in order to play, and can do so immediately upon entering the cafeteria.  They eat first, and then return to use the games tables.  Student must give you their ID card to receive equipment.  At the end of period the ID card is returned to student when they return equipment.  If a student leaves before the end of lunch, they may be replaced by another student.  No food or drinks allowed in the games area.  Students may leave lunchboxes and drink bottles on one of the adjacent tables.


                Raider Courtyard (all days):  This person assists with the cafeteria entrance and helps the cafeteria entrance person until someone enters courtyard.  At this time you monitor the courtyard to prevent students from going down the hill or to the front of the school (they should go no further than the big tree/edge of school walls).  This area is for students to get some fresh air while talking with friends or doing homework.  No standing on the picnic tables or benches.  At the end of each grade level lunch period (keep track of the time) let students know it is time to go to class.


                6th Grade Hall (all days):  This person will move between the corner by the PASSS offices, and the corner of the 7th grade area.  Students must use the main hall to travel to gym or outdoors.  Maintain one-way traffic from the cafeteria to the auditorium.  7th graders cannot go into the 7th grade area/lockers during their lunch time, and monitor traffic/noise in the main hallway from the cafeteria to the auditorium.  Also, watch for food that has been snuck out of the cafeteria.


                Front Entrance (inside day):  There are more students hanging around the halls on the inside days.  This position will make sure students use the main hall going towards the gym.  Monitor for noise, running, lingering, food, drink or candy snuck from the cafeteria.


                Auditorium Hall (all days):  This is a key traffic area.  Basically, this person is making sure that students are going straight to the gym or outside.  There is a bathroom and drinking fountain in this area.  Monitor the number of students allowed in the bathrooms and the noise level.  On inside days this person will frequently check band hallway and band storage area so students are not loitering there.  On outside days, this person will walk back and forth between the main hall and hall to the outside to ensure students are not loitering in this area (classes are being held during lunch).  Watch for running, loitering, and food/drink that has been snuck out of the cafeteria.


                Outside Entrance/Crosswalk at Bridge (outside day):  This PASSS parent is to monitor the building entrance and the crosswalk area near the bridge.  Make sure students are going outside and moving towards the football field.  Occasionally check the school hallway for stragglers.  No loitering is allowed on bridge.  The crosswalk at the bridge is a traffic area.  At the beginning of the shift, place orange cones across the crosswalk area so cars do not drive through.  Make sure cars are not crossing the blocked walkway.  Please advise people heading to Parks and Rec. programs back to Center Street, then right on Walnut.  Teacher’s cars, school busses, and the garbage truck area allowed to cross the crosswalk.  Please hold students back when allowing a vehicle to cross walkway.  Once a student goes outside, they must stay outside until the lunch period is over.  They must use the bathrooms as they pass them, not go back to them once they are outside.  5 minutes before the lunch period is over or when you hear the whistle on the field, you will need to move to the door entrance to prevent students from entering the building early.  Students around the entrance and on the bridge must wait outside the building (line up on the sidewalk) until the students on the field are released – not when the whistle blows on the field.  Hold the students until you see the large group dismissed AND crossing back over the bridge.


                Middle Bridge (outside day):  This parent should stay on the bridge and encourage the students to keep moving to/or from the football field.  The students should not loiter on the bridge.  Watch that nothing is thrown or kicked off the bridge to the street below.


                Far Bridge/Bus Driveway (outside day): Traffic area.  Make sure cars and busses are going through slowly.  Do not let students walk across until busses and cars have stopped.  Keep students moving across the bridge.


               Football/Soccer Field (outside day):  Take the balls out of the storage shed at beginning and place back when 8th grade lunch recess is done.  As you pass out of the balls, collect the students ID cards.  You return the cards to the students when they return the balls.  Students are not allowed anywhere they cannot be seen.  There is generally football, soccer, and kickball being played.  Only touch football allowed no tackle.  If students are becoming too rough, break it up.  Students are to use bleachers for sitting only (not to jump off), are not allowed to climb the football goal posts, are not allowed to wander over the edge of field.  No food or drinks allowed.


                Gym Entrance Hall (inside day):  Make sure students are going into the gym.  Once a student goes into the gym, they must stay there until the lunch period is over.  They must use the bathrooms as they pass them, not go back to them once they are in the gym.  Monitor for noise, running and lingering has excited.  They are to line up along the wall outside gym entrance, single file against the wall.  No one leaves the gym until they are dismissed as a group.


                Gym (inside day):  One parent in the gym monitors the ball-bucket – only give out a ball in exchange for a school ID.  Return the ID when the students returns the ball.  We will give out as many basketballs as there are hoops.  There is to be 1 game/hoop.  Gym workers will spread out to the far corners because of the exit doors located there.  No one may leave the gym until the lunch period is over.  Please monitor all exits – students may only exit/enter through main door.  In addition 7thgraders must not enter until 6th grade lunch recess is over as well as 8th graders should not enter until 7thgrade lunch recess is over.  No food or drinks allowed.