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Northville public schools

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Bell Schedules

Daily Class Transition Schedule

8:12—9:05 1st hour
9:10 –9:57 2nd hour
10:02—10:50 3rd hour
10:55—11:44 4th hour (8th grade)
10:50—11:29 6th grade LUNCH
10:55—11:18 4th hr (7th grade split)
11:18—11:56 7th grade LUNCH
11:59—12:23 4th hr (7th grade split)
11:34—12:23 4th hr (6th grade)
11:44—12:23 8th grade LUNCH
12:28—1:16 5th hour
1:21—2:09 6th hour
2:14—3:03 7th hour
Daily Class Transition Schedule
Description / Period Start Time End Time Length
Doors Open for Students (Please report to the cafeteria if you arrive before 7:45) 7:45 AM
Instruction Begins 8:12 AM
Dismissal 3:03 PM
Half Day Dismissal 11:35 AM