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Principal's Update

Dear Hillside Families,

As the first month of school draws to a close, the positive energy of our students and teachers is palpable in the building. Both are beginning to hit their strides and there are exciting things happening in our classrooms. As teachers and students in an MYP school, we are all committed to inquiry, ownership, and relevance as we make meaning together.

As you continue to have dinner-time and car ride conversations with your children, challenge them to explain their learning and thinking each day. As a parent, I find myself defaulting to the traditional "How was school? Did you have a good day?" I have made a conscious effort of late to shift my questions to encourage my children to reflect on their learning. "Tell me the best question you asked today. What did you struggle with? Tell me something you're doing better today than you did yesterday."

As we approach the midpoint of the marking period, and with conferences around the corner, I encourage all of us - principal, teacher, parent, student - to focus not only on what students are learning, but what they can do with what they are learning. When sitting down with teachers during conferences (info below), ask those probing, growth-oriented questions. What can my child do? What will he or she be able to do next? I think you will be pleased with the answers.

William R. Jones, Principal