All Six Elementary Schools Host Kindergarten Round-Up

The future is bright for the class of 2036! It's an exciting time as all six of our elementary schools invite our littlest learners into their future classrooms.
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"Kindergarten Round-Up is a big milestone for a kid. They're very excited to come. I think it's a big moment for their families," said Tara Fortino, Kindergarten Teacher at Winchester Elementary School.
At Winchester's Kindergarten Round-Up the kids got to explore a Kindergarten classroom. They listened to a book about going to school, they got to color a picture of a school bus and cut it out.
"But it also gives the kids a chance to come into the building, see some staff members, take away some of the nervousness and jitters and it gives us a chance as staff members to get to know the kids and families so that we can make sure we have everything ready for them and get a great placement for everyone," explained Ms. Fortino.
The parents went on a tour of the school with the principal.
"We have an older kid who's 2nd grade, but we entered during Covid so we didn't get to experience this and have been here for three years already it was nice to see the facilities, what goes on in each classroom and how they cater and help each kid in every aspect and it's nice to see. I knew it because we've been here for so long but to actually experience what their days are like is nice," said Chantelle, parent.
The visit was wrapped up with a fun new tradition where the kids put their handprint on a paper officially singing on as a Winchester Dragon.
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