Bond 2023 Progress Update: May 2024

In this month’s Bond Progress Update, our Superintendent returns to 8 Mile Stadium to showcase the latest developments. The newly erected bleachers and added handrails make the stadium fully ADA compliant, ensuring accessibility for all members of our community. These improvements will be ready just in time for Fall sports, creating an inclusive and enjoyable environment for everyone. Join us as we continue to enhance our facilities, thanks to the support from the 2023 Bond!
Show Transcript
Northville Public Schools is pleased to provide an update on the ongoing improvements funded by the 2023 Bond. This May, we are excited to highlight the significant progress made at 8 Mile Stadium, ensuring the facility is ready for the upcoming Fall sports season.

8 Mile Stadium Enhancements

Our Superintendent recently visited 8 Mile Stadium to review the latest developments. The installation of new bleachers and the addition of handrails have been completed, making the stadium fully ADA compliant and accessible to all members of our community. Here’s a detailed comparison of the old and new features:
New Home Bleachers:
  • Listed capacity: 3,602
  • 26 wheelchair spaces
  • Two ADA ramps
  • Four sets of entry stairs
  • Aisle handrails
Old Home Bleachers:
  • Estimated capacity: 2,600-2,800
  • Less than 12 wheelchair spaces
  • One ADA ramp
  • Two entry stairs
  • No aisle handrails
New Visitor Bleachers:
  • Listed capacity: 992
  • 8 wheelchair spaces
  • Two entry stairs
  • One ADA ramp
  • Aisle handrails
Old Visitor Bleachers:
  • Estimated capacity: 600-700
  • Zero wheelchair spaces
  • Zero ADA ramps
  • Two entry stairs
  • No aisle handrails
In addition to these structural improvements, the stadium will feature a new sound system, enhancing the overall experience for spectators.

Continuing Commitment to Excellence

These enhancements at 8 Mile Stadium are part of our broader initiative to improve facilities district-wide, supported by the 2023 Bond. The changes ensure a safer, more inclusive environment for all our students, families, and community members. By making these investments, Northville Public Schools continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing top-notch amenities that support educational and extracurricular excellence.
We look forward to welcoming everyone to the newly upgraded 8 Mile Stadium for the Fall sports season and will continue to keep our community updated on the progress of other bond-funded projects.
For more information and the latest progress updates, visit the district's Bond 2023 webpage. Thank you for your continued support and partnership in making our district a leader in educational innovation.